After the Event Legal Insurance – Points to Consider

After the event legal insurance is usually designed to offer affordable coverage for the legal fees and expenses incurred by a lawyer on specified matters. To be on the safe side, you need to ask for an advice from an expert in case something happens to trigger the need for legal action. Litigation can be a tough prospect for anyone whether you are individual or a commercial client. This type of insurance is meant to pay disbursements, regardless of whether a case has been successful or unsuccessful. This policy covers people and businesses for the potential costs of a number of different kinds of legal action. You can purchase this policy only after the claim arises.

• Always do you research first, in order to find the after the event legal expenses insurance policy that best suits your needs. Researches show that clients these days involved in litigation are always looking for greater costs certainty than ever before, to assess costs benefits.

• In order to make a claim the first of all you need to know whether you are able to claim for the injury that you have suffered or not. Always discuss your situation and needs with an advisor first before making any decision. Your insurance company will consider your chances of winning, in order to grant cover for your particular case. For a set amount of legal fees, you will have to pay for the cover that is required which can be topped up if more cover is needed. In some cases, the premium may be relatively high, typically 15% of the sum insured.

• This type of insurance can be obtained for most types of litigation to protect the insured against the risk of having to pay the opponent’s legal costs if their case is unsuccessful. After the event legal insurance can also help protect companies from the risk of incurring significant legal costs of pursuing or defending legal actions.

• It has become much easier and less time consuming these days to get in touch with a specialist compensation solicitor who is local to you. He or she will look at all aspects of your compensation claim before guiding you through the entire process to pursue it. This type of consultation is usually on a “no win no fee” basis. In other words, if you are successful you don’t have to pay anything extra, but if you lose, the insurance will pay any fees and those of your opponent, up to the amount insured.

• If you want a reliable and quick service, you must speak to one of the solicitors, who are well experienced in providing solution in a wide range of civil and commercial litigation. You can quite easily find a compensation solicitor in your area, by using the postcode search system, either call them or visit their website.

After the event legal insurance is to pursue the legal rights of individuals and businesses facing contractual disputes. This type of insurance can be obtained either to bring or defend a case.