The Importance of Legal Insurance

Why is it when it comes to insurance, many people do not think that legal insurance is a priority. No one gives it a second thought to spend loads of money on medical, car or auto insurance. But, the minute that you tell them about the importance of legal insurance, most people will give plenty of reasons for why they cannot afford it. Sure, everyone needs medical insurance because you never know when you will fall sick or if an emergency will arise. Or, no one wants to pass away without making sure that their loved ones are taken care of. Obviously, no one wants to drive a vehicle without making sure that it is protected during an accident.

It is true. Auto, medical and life insurance are all very important. But, you should not rule out legal insurance and assume that it is not important. You could fall into a legal situation requires you to dish out a lot of money. You never know when you are going to be sued or be held liable for something that you don’t agree with. Also, you never know when you will have to go after someone who doesn’t want to hold up his end of an agreement. Legal insurance can help you during these tough times.

Think about some of the reasons that you may need legal representation. You don’t have to commit a major crime in order to need legal representation. It could be something minor that happens in your life. For example, what happens if a friend slips on your property and incurs medical expenses? What happens if you get a traffic ticket? Who will handle the legal paperwork if you adopt a child? How are you going to get a scrupulous vendor to honor a warranty for a product that no longer works? Is there a legal way that you can get out of your apartment lease? Do you need your lawyer during your upcoming audit? As you can see these are all common things that happen in everyday life. No, you haven’t committed any major crimes. However, you do need legal representation.

Legal insurance is there to protect you, if you should ever need to pay for legal expenses. It can be used if someone begins legal proceedings against you. Also, you can use it if you want to begin legal proceedings against someone else. Instead of having to pay for your legal expenses all at one time, you can pay monthly insurance premiums for a specified amount of legal services. This means that you will have access to a lawyer or legal representation to get you out of hot water. Many times you won’t need to actually go to court. You just need to know your legal rights and what you are entitled to or liable for. A lot of times, all it takes is a simple phone call to get the information that you need.

In conclusion, legal insurance is a cost saver that can help with legal expenses if you should ever need it. There are even plans that are as low as twenty dollars a month. Get great legal counsel for a low price and gain peace of mind all at the same time.

After the Event Legal Insurance For Events

Whether you are an individual or a commercial client, getting after the event legal insurance can sometimes be a daunting task for you. You may apply for cover through your solicitor whether you are a corporation, a company, charity, partnership or individual. Most clients, these days involved in litigation are looking for greater costs certainty than ever before. This is a type of insurance which is designed to protect people from legal costs if they take a case to court and is ideal for the clients lacking the financial strength of their opponent. Whether you are a may apply for cover through their solicitor.It is purchased after the event which would trigger litigation and can surely unlock litigation which may otherwise not be pursued because of the risk of losing a case and having to pay the opponent’s costs.

• There are many recognised after the event legal insurance companies, with sound knowledge of the legal processes and statutes, who can help solicitors to provide the innovative and cost effective solution in a wide range of civil and commercial litigation. With this type of cover, the solicitors can pursue justice for clients, safe in the knowledge that they are covered should cases not go as planned.

• They are efficient and friendly, making sure that quick decisions can be made. This would allow you to concentrate on the other important issues. They work with law firms of all shapes and sizes and have partnership with them, helping them to deliver results to their clients across a variety of cases.

• Premiums after the event legal insurance policies are usually recoverable and proportionate to the risks in the case. You can quite easily get an instant online quote without having to give all your personal information, in few easy steps. In reply, you will receive your event insurance policy and terms and conditions within minutes. If you fully understand the policy and feel confident about it, you can simply purchase it on line, as it is really easy to complete and submit the application in few minutes.

• It is also a good idea to consult a lawyer when buying such policy, even if you are not positive that a case will end up in court, because the lawyer may have some advice on which insurance company to go for. He or she will also review the policy to confirm whether it will be suitable and effective once the legal proceedings are contemplated.

• The insurance always provides part of the cover to pay for the premium. Consequently, if the client has been unsuccessful and there is a claim on the policy, the cost of the premium forms part of the claim so that the client does not need to make any payment.

Events can be quite stressful at times, so you must always ensure that you have catered for all eventualities by making arrangements for all of your insurance requirements. A comprehensive and effective after the event legal insurance policy can most certainly, give you a peace of mind and help you survive any financial disasters.

How Can Legal Insurance Ignite Your Business While Keeping It From Going Up In Flames?

There are hot spots that occur in business every day. The key is to cool them down as soon as possible before they flare up into a full blaze. Contracts become hotspots if they are not looked at by the right inspectors, small business attorneys. Because, if you’re doing them on your own and you’re sued, that is a slow burn.

It is hard to believe that a business owner knows everything about the laws that govern his business. For one thing, the laws are constantly changing. At least, once a year a business owner should reach out for legal advice to learn what has changed.

When I am talking with business owners, I hear so often something like “I have been in business for 20 years (or whatever number they say) and I have never needed a lawyer, so why would I need legal insurance?” Well, that is good. But, that’s like saying, I never had a fire in my house for 20 years, so I don’t need fire insurance anymore. They took a chance with their business and survived.

These people were probably very careful with their businesses and believed they knew better about their business than anyone else would (I wonder if they may have been too careful and therefore may have missed on growth opportunities?). After all, they caught fire and became successful without any help. Because of our economy and the propensity to sue over anything, these days, it means they beat the odds.

I just saw an ad on Craigslist (which prompted me to write this) by someone whose business was sued. And he is hoping to find a small business attorney to help him for $60/hour. $60/hr. $60/hr? I am just trying to imagine this is even possible. And then, if this business were to negotiate that price, what kind of service would this business owner get? They will not be top priority to that attorney.

This is why the legal insurance industry was formed. You pay a low monthly fee and when the worst (and these days, the inevitable) happens you are covered. In the meantime, just like the medical industry has done, you can take the preventive and proactive measures to make sure hot spots don’t flare up into big flames. When you think about it, it is the one insurance that you actually want to use. It could even ignite your business and help it grow.

What Is Legal Insurance?

What is legal insurance? It is a pretty important question to ask: “what is legal insurance”? Legal insurance in a nutshell is insurance to protect you from legal costs should legal proceedings be instituted against you or you decide to proceed with legal proceedings. This means that you pay a legal insurance company a set premium per month and they, in turn, will provide you with legal services up to an agreed annual amount.

The old adage of you get what you pay for, holds true also in this case. Monthly premiums vary from modest amounts to premiums of in the hundreds. These insurance companies will have a panel of lawyers that subscribe to their services and these lawyers are appointed country-wide. When you get to see a panel lawyer, you will actually see a live real lawyer who may be in practice for him or herself, but will charge the insurance company for services rendered to you. Should your problem be relatively minor, most companies offer a phone in service where you can talk to a legal worker who will advise you or refer you to a local lawyer on their panel. Before you sign up to any policy you need to research this aspect of insurance carefully as clearly such insurers will not cover you on all possible eventualities. Their lists of exclusions are pretty comprehensive and the annual limit of claim values also widely differs.

Legal insurance policies obviously will not pay for such things as the legal costs to property transfers, divorce proceeding legal costs, the drafting of legal contracts, insolvency, fraud and the like. Don’t expect the insurance company to get involved in any murder case or such serious issue. Legal insurance is really intended for the more mundane and less exotic legal matters like car accident matters, any work related issues including injury on duty, consumer related issues and so on. What is most useful, however, about legal insurance is the fact that most insurers will allow unlimited legal advice either by telephone or on-line through the internet. If you are unsure of your rights on certain issues or you need to know how to proceed against the pit bull terrier showing its teeth to you on its owner’s instruction then such service is great.

Taking into account the frightening cost of legal services and litigation, it probably is a worthwhile consideration to study the possible benefits of legal insurance versus the reasonably modest monthly cost thereof. But the question to you really is: what is legal insurance to me? If the perceived benefits of such insurance scheme are greater than the cost thereof, then clearly it would be a good idea for you to subscribe to such scheme. There are a number of these schemes around and some of them have been in existence for quite some time, so their product offering and services must be of a sound value. Take your time and thoroughly research the ins and outs of the various schemes on offer before committing yourself to any scheme. It is probably more important to research what they won’t pay for rather than what they will pay for.